Peter Doyle embarked on his professional journey in 2010 as a licensed insurance agent with AFLAC in Kennesaw, GA. There, he equipped small businesses with comprehensive insurance solutions that shielded employees and ensured financial security. One highlight of his tenure was successfully advocating for a policyholder, overturning an initial denial, and securing $40,000 in benefits – a testament to his commitment to clients during trying times.

In 2015, Peter moved into the realm of data analysis with First Data in Atlanta, GA. As a data analyst for Tier 1 / Tier 2 Call Centers, he deftly handled data from help desk call centers, and his expertly automated reports streamlined staffing levels and employee performance metrics. Peter’s technical prowess was a catalyst for reducing wait times for 39 legacy VOC/Net Promoter Score reports across 35 teams by a staggering 94%, a feat accomplished with Dynamic SQL and Stored Procedures. His time at the POS Help Desk further underscored his knack for efficiency, as he decreased customer wait times by 60% through implementing a streamlined case documentation system.

When First Data was acquired by FISERV in 2019, Peter transitioned into the role of a data analyst for the Small and Midsized Business Unit, and later the Global Business Solutions. During this period, his expert level SQL and Power BI skills were on full display. He executed a legacy Power BI Dashboard transformation, driving a 233% performance improvement and an 85% reduction in data model size. Furthermore, he cut down the production time for a comprehensive sales tracking report from 10 hours to a mere 30 minutes, translating to a 95% reduction in time.

Peter’s most recent professional stint has been with Kaiser Permanente in Atlanta, GA, as Data Analyst IV, for the Transformational Change Office. Here, he leveraged the Epic Systems platform to extract, analyze, and interpret complex healthcare and financial data. His notable accomplishment was developing a multi-page HR Job Requisition dashboard that identified inefficiencies in the job requisition process, providing strategic decision-making insights that directly impacted patient safety and profitability.

While Peter’s professional achievements are impressive, his influence extends beyond the workplace. He has enriched the data community through his active participation in events across the country, with noteworthy speaking engagements at PASS Data Community Summit and SQL SATURDAY events from 2019 to 2022. His sessions range from mastering DATETIME functions to effectively presenting data, reflecting his diverse expertise and commitment to sharing knowledge.

Outside of his corporate and community roles, Peter has carved out a niche as a successful author and photographer. He owned and operated Storyboardlife, an award-winning music and wedding photography company, from 2006 to 2010. His written works include the self-published books “Childhood Cancer Portraits: Wisdom from the Journey” (2014) and “Breast Cancer Portraits: Wisdom from the Journey” (2012), both shining a light on the resilient spirit of cancer survivors.

Overall, Peter Doyle is not only a data analyst extraordinaire but also a devoted community leader, a compassionate advocate, a gifted author, and a dedicated family man who enjoys challenging his children to Super MarioKart marathons in his spare time. His rich and diverse career is a testament to his unyielding pursuit of excellence, his unparalleled expertise in SQL and Power BI, and his unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.